Free PDRMA Webinar: Property Valuation for Insurance Purposes


Wednesday, February 24, 2021, 12:00 PM–1:00 PM

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Grab your lunch and join PDRMA for this free webinar session!

PDRMA staff will share their expertise on capital asset accounting software (AssetWorks/Duff & Phelps) and the relationship to property valuation for insurance purposes. PDRMA staff will also provide a brief history of PDRMA’s current accounting software AssetWorks and discuss the challenges of keeping asset data current for underwriting compliance. This session will outline future options available which will help attendees better manage their assets and insurance property schedule. By the end of the session attendees should have a basic understanding of the relationship of asset tracking and proper data upkeep to the valuation of insurance for compliance. This presentation will provide attendees with an opportunity for Q&A.

Learning Objectives: Participants completing this session will be able to:

  • Gain a basic understanding of capital asset accounting software, AssetWorks/Duff & Phelps, specifically the relationship history between PDRMA and AssetWorks/Duff & Phelps Software.
  • Become comfortable with the valuation process by understanding:
    1. Mandatory Fields
    2. Disadvantage of lack of information
    3. Asset Recordkeeping Requirements
  • Learn about the advantages to being a part of the PDRMA Association

Speakers: Tim Conlon, Property Casualty Director, PDRMA and Britney Gillespie, Property Casualty Operations Coordinator, PDRMA

This event is hosted by the Illinois GFOA. There is no cost to attend.

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