Public Sector Membership

Public Sector membership is open to those who are working as government finance professionals or other government employees representing villages, cities, townships, counties, park districts, library districts, fire prevention districts, state government, special districts, retirement systems, schools, colleges and universities. IGFOA membership dues are not refundable. Dues are paid on a calendar year basis January – December. 

The IGFOA bylaws encourage members of the Association to follow the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada current Code of Professional Ethics. For more details on the different benefits, please refer to the Dues Schedule and FAQs.

IGFOA Public Sector New Member Incentive Plan

  • The incentive is for new government members only (never a member of IGFOA.)
  • The new government member will pay a prorated membership rate based off of the month joined. For example, the cost of a government entity adding an additional member is $100. If the member joins in July, the amount invoiced would be $50 (i.e. $8.33 per month).

New members who have questions or are interested in participating in this program should contact IGFOA at or (630) 942-6587.

IGFOA Application for Dues Reduction for Special Districts and Special Circumstances

The Membership Committee offers a special program to reduce members’ dues for special districts and special circumstances. Special districts are governmental entities that have a large population base but minimal revenues. Special circumstances refers to situations where a member who is employed by a government entity would be required to pay membership dues out-of-pocket (rather than the government entity).

Please complete this application to request a reduction in the annual dues to the lowest member rate of $150 for the IGFOA.  Email the completed application and a copy of your organization’s most recent annual financial statement to the IGFOA’s Executive Director at The application and annual financial statement will be reviewed by the IGFOA’s Membership Committee, and applicants will be notified of their decision.  

Public Sector Membership Dues Schedule

IGFOA Public Sector Membership Dues

Based on population of most recent U.S. census
under 5,000 = $150
5,000-14,999 = $200
15,000-24,999 = $250
25,000-74,999 = $300
75,000-124,999 = $400
125,000+ = $500
First individual member is included in government membership and each additional member's dues are $100.

Government   Member
Recognition as an IGFOA government X  
Voting member of IGFOA   X
Individual listing in directory   X
Subscribes to Code of Professional Ethics   X
Eligible to volunteer for a committee or board   X
Access to IGFOA membership directory   X
Access to print directory   X
Access to export contact information   X
IGFOA member news and training email announcements   X
Member rate to post Jobline announcements  X
IGFOA member rate for educational programs, chapter events, and conference registration   X
Government rate for educational programs and conference X  
Primary chapter membership included   X
Eligible to access Knowledge Exchange (library)   X
Eligible to post queries and participate in Knowledge Exchange (discussions)   X
Access to IGFOA Legislative Updates   X
Eligible for in-transition or retired status (based on restrictions set by Board policy)   X


Click the link below to apply online. To download a PDF of the Membership Application Form click here.  

Apply as a Public Sector Member