Public Sector Membership

Public Sector membership is open to those who are working as government finance professionals or other government employees representing villages, cities, townships, counties, park districts, library districts, fire prevention districts, state government, special districts, retirement systems, schools, colleges and universities. IGFOA membership dues are not refundable. Dues are paid on a calendar year basis January – December. For more details on the different benefits, please refer to the Dues Schedule and FAQs .


PUBLIC SECTOR Membership Application PDF Form 

IGFOA Public sector New Member Incentive Plan

  • The incentive is for new government members only (never a member of IGFOA.)
  • The new government member will pay the full year's dues amount in the year of joining, regardless of the month.
  • The dues invoice in the subsequent year will have a credit for annual dues amount prorated for the number of months in the prior year for which they were not a member.
  • At the time of joining, the new primary member will receive an IGFOA training voucher that can be applied to any State training event up to a maximum amount of $75. The voucher must be used within 12 months of joining.
  • The training voucher may be used by any employee of the new government member and will be applied to the proper rate category.

New members who have questions or are interested in participating in this program should contact IGFOA at or 630-942-6587.

IGFOA Application for Dues Reduction for Special Districts and Special Circumstances

Please complete this application to request a reduction in the annual dues to the lowest member rate of $150 for the IGFOA.  Email the completed application and a copy of your organization’s most recent annual financial statement to the IGFOA’s Executive Director, Diane Gillian Lantz,   The application and annual financial statement will be reviewed by the IGFOA’s Membership Committee, and applicants will be notified of their decision.  


IGFOA Public Sector Membership Dues

Based on population of most recent U.S. census

under 5,000 = $150

5,000-14,999 = $200

15,000-24,999 = $250

25,000-74,999 = $300

75,000-124,999 = $400

125,000+ = $500

first individual member is included in government membership and each additional member's dues are $100

Government Listed Individual
Recognition as an IGFOA government X  
Voting member of IGFOA   X
Individual listing in directory   X
Eligible to volunteer for a committee or board   X
Access to IGFOA membership directory   X
IGFOA weekly member news and training email announcements   X
Member rate to post Jobline announcements  X
IGFOA member rate for educational programs, chapter events, and conference registration   X
Government rate for educational programs and conference X  
Primary chapter membership included   X
Eligible to access Knowledge Exchange (library)   X
Eligible to post queries and participate in Knowledge Exchange (discussions)   X
Access to IGFOA Legislative Updates   X
Eligible for in-transition or retired status (based on restrictions set by Board policy)   X

Dues FAQs

Why did IGFOA change the dues schedule in 2013?

There were three primary reasons the Executive Board revised the public-sector dues schedule:

  • First the association needed a dues structure that was simpler to explain. The old structure had 16 different levels whereas the new schedule has one government rate (including 1 individual membership) based on population of the taxing body plus a $100 flat fee for each additional member from the same government.
  • Secondly the Executive Board worked to develop a dues structure that would encourage more professional government finance staff to join the association, hence the $100 flat fee for each additional member from a government.
  • Thirdly the Executive Board looked for a dues structure that, after addressing the first and second criteria, would emphasize the association's long-standing policy that membership resides with the governmental unit so as to encourage continued participation by a government whenever there is a transition in individual member.

Can I join or renew on-line and have my government send a check?

Yes. When renewing on-line you can choose to pay by credit card or send check. Checks must be received on or before February 28 to assure your membership does not lapse. When you join by completing the on-line application, your membership will be activated as soon as payment is received. When you complete the on-line renewal form please print the confirmation page and enclose it with your check to make sure your payment is properly credited. Please also note that IGFOA's mailing address is:

Illinois Government Finance Officers Association
800 Roosevelt Road
Building C - Suite 312
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

Can I get a hardcopy invoice?

To access your Membership invoice, the primary member will need to sign in to the IGFOA website with his/her username and password at, Welcome, IGFOA members! Sign in, found at the top right side of the IGFOA home page. After signing in, click on "Renew your membership" also found at the top right side of the web page.

What population figure determines a government's dues?

The population of the taxing body as of the most recent U. S. Census.

Is the new dues schedule expected to generate more money for IGFOA?

No, not from current member renewals. The Executive Board reviewed a variety of schedules and analyzed the revenue impact for the association and the expense impact for governments, selecting a structure that is expected to be revenue neutral for IGFOA while keeping the cost of dues level for the majority of membership. The Executive Board does hope the new dues structure will encourage governments that are not currently members in IGFOA to join the association and support professionalism in government finance.

My dues increased under the new structure - why?

In evaluating different structures for public sector dues, IGFOA evaluated the impact on governments as a whole. We looked to minimize the overall expense to individual governments based on the typical number of memberships in each population level. While a few individuals may see an increase in their dues, others may see a reduction. We encourage you to look at the total dollar impact of membership and training for your government.

How much did I pay last year?

Please check your records or sign-in at, go to Your Profile then choose Review Your Payments to see your IGFOA transaction records. Can't find the information? Contact

Whose membership is included in the government's dues?

Each government can select the person to be listed as the primary member for that government. Typically, this is the CFO, Finance Director, Business Manager or similarly titled position, however there is no restriction as to what position is designated as the primary member. The primary member will receive initial notices for dues renewal and surveys by government.  In the event the primary member or additional member(s) leaves his/her employment, the individual's membership remains with the government entity that paid the dues and will be transferred to another individual as named by the government entity.

Not every IGFOA member in my government received a renewal notice, what should I do?

Initial dues renewal notices were sent to one person in each government to coordinate the membership application for all staff in that government. Please complete one on-line renewal form including all IGFOA members in the government. If you wish to add additional members to your government membership throughout the year, please add them through the on-line application or use the membership application/renewal form.

How many additional members can a government have?

There is no limit on the number of additional members from any one government. Each member will be listed in the IGFOA directory, be eligible for the IGFOA member rate tuition for educational programs and conferences, be a full voting member of IGFOA, be encouraged to participate in chapters, networks and committee, have full access to IGFOA on-line resources, and receive all of the benefits for listed individual members. Governments are encouraged to support membership for all professional staff that have a role in managing financial resources. Additional members should be listed as part of the annual renewal. Additional members may have different mailing addresses and phone numbers as long as they work for the same government entity.

How will I know if my government is a member?

If you are not certain whether your government has a membership, please email for the most current renewal status.

When are renewal payments due?

IGFOA dues should be renewed no later than February 28th of each year to assure your membership and benefits do not lapse.

How will fees for educational programs change? What is the difference between the "IGFOA member rate" and "Government rate" for educational programs and conference?

To complement the dues schedule, IGFOA is offering a pricing level for IGFOA seminars and conference: Government non-member rate. This rate reinforces value of IGFOA membership to each government by providing discounted opportunities for all government staff to participate in low cost training.

For example, the Village of Anywhere with a population of 15,000, has a membership in IGFOA that includes:

Village of Anywhere dues $250
Finance Director dues included
Assistant Finance Director dues $100
Total dues $350

Three staff from the Village of Anywhere will participate in the New Pension Accounting and Reporting Standards – GASB 67 & 68 webinar on February 7th. Under the new dues structure, the Village pays a total of $180 for three people to participate in that training event.

First Thursday webinar registrants fee
Participant 1: Finance Director - IGFOA member rate $55
Participant 2: Assistant Finance Director - IGFOA member rate $55
Participant 3: Accountant - Government non-member rate $70
Total fee $180

If the Accountant was also a listed member, the total would be $165. If the Village did not have a membership in IGFOA, the total cost would be $300 ($100 for each non-member).

Please refer to the calendar of events for more events and pricing information.

I want to register for an upcoming webinar or seminar but my government will not be cutting a check for dues until the next check run - can I still sign-up for the IGFOA Member rate?

Yes, however note that if your dues payment is not subsequently received you will be invoiced for the difference between the IGFOA Member rate and applicable non-member rate.

Should a school district use student population for calculating dues?

School districts use the U.S. Census Bureau most recent estimate of population for the entire taxing district. See the 2010 population estimates for school districts by state at

More questions or concerns about IGFOA public sector dues?

Contact the IGFOA at or call us at 630-942-6587.



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