Legislative briefs

Illinois Municipal League Statehouse Briefing
October 2, 2017, Legislative briefs
The IGFOA does not advocate on or for specific outcomes of legislation or other proposals. Accordingly, the IGFOA takes no position on information disseminated, neither encouraging or discouraging action, and leaving the decision on how to proceed wi…
IDOR Releases Letter on Future CPPRT Recoupments
September 22, 2017, Legislative briefs
The Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR) issued a letter officially notifying taxing districts that IDOR will no longer seek to recoup overpaid Corporate Personal Property Replacement Tax (CPPRT) revenue from future CPPRT distributions. The letter i…
Illinois Municipal League Statehouse Briefing - August 29, 2017
August 29, 2017, Legislative briefs
The General Assembly approved a school funding compromise agreed to by the four legislative leaders and the Governor. On the evening of Monday, August 28, the Illinois House of Representatives approved SB 1947 (available via this link) taking two att…
Legislative Update: School Funding Debate Involves TIF, Tax Caps
August 22, 2017, Legislative briefs
School Funding Debate Involves TIF, Tax Caps As a result of Governor Bruce Rauner’s amendatory veto of SB 1 (available via this link), the school funding formula debate has expanded to include the possible ramifications that Tax Increment Finan…
Illinois Municipal League Statehouse Briefing
July 10, 2017, Legislative briefs
July 10, 2017 Last week, both the Illinois House and Senate voted to override the Governor’s veto of the state fiscal year 2018 budget package previously approved by the General Assembly, and the budget will now be enacted into law. The Illinoi…
State Budget and Local Revenues Update
July 3, 2017, Legislative briefs
July 3, 2017 TO: Mayors/Village Presidents/Town Presidents, Aldermen/Councilmen/Village Trustees/Town Trustees, Managers/Administrators, Treasures/Finance Officers/Comptrollers, Clerks FROM: Brad Cole, Executive Director, Illinois Municipal League RE…
Legislative Update: Illinois Municipal League Statehouse Briefing - June 26, 2017
June 27, 2017, Legislative briefs
Illinois Municipal League Statehouse BriefingJune 26, 2017 The House and Senate returned to the Capitol on Wednesday, June 21, as a result of Governor Bruce Rauner’s proclamation calling legislators into special session to address budget and re…
Legislative Update: Senate Approves Budget Legislation
May 26, 2017, Legislative briefs
Senate Approves Budget Legislation
Legislative Update: Active Bills being tracked by the Illinois Municipal League (IML)
May 15, 2017, Legislative briefs
Active Bills being tracked by the Illinois Municipal League (IML)
First Quarter Municipal Revenue Update - MFY 2017 REVISED AND MFY 2018
May 5, 2017, Legislative briefs
BY NATALIE DAVILA AND JOANNA KOH, KDM, INC.In this article, we update our January analysis based on recent revenue data and updates from the Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR). Understanding what is happening with the Local Government Distributive…
Illinois Municipal League Statehouse Briefing
April 3, 2017, Legislative briefs
The following bills, organized by category, may be of interest to IGFOA members. Each bill is presently advancing through the legislative process. The status of each bill at the end of each summary is as of March 28, 2017. REVENUE, PURCHASING AND BOR…
Protection of the Tax Exempt Status for Municipal Bonds
January 10, 2017, Legislative briefs
IML has been actively involved with several issues pending before Congress. One of those issues is protection of the tax exempt status for municipal bonds. Congressman Randy Hultgren (IL-14) and Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger (MD-2) formed a Congres…
Legislative Update - Senate Overrides Amendatory Veto on Prevailing Wage Bill
November 22, 2016, Legislative briefs
Legislative Update - Senate Overrides Amendatory Veto on Prevailing Wage Bill
2016 IMRF Pension Enhancement Transparency Provision Signed into Law
August 8, 2016, Legislative briefs
By Joe McCoy, Legislative Director P.A. 99-0646 applies to employees who began participation in IMRF prior to 2011. The new law prohibits any late career pay increases that exceed 6% of the prior month’s salary unless approved by the board duri…
Travel Expense Reporting Legislation Signed into Law
July 28, 2016, Legislative briefs
The Local Government Travel Expense Control Act (P.A. 99-604) requires formal approval for travel expenses as well as meal purchases. The law provides that local public agencies regulate the reimbursement of all travel, meal and lodging expenses of o…
State Shared Municipal Revenue - Updated MFY 2017 Forecasts
July 18, 2016, Legislative briefs
The Illinois Municipal League has enhanced the annual revenue estimating process and improved the forecasts with a new level of detail. The Illinois Municipal League's mid-year update is intended to allow for a meaningful review of your financial sit…
2016 IML Spring Legislative Session Summary
June 6, 2016, Legislative briefs
June 3, 2016 Message to our Membership From Brad Cole, Executive Director Illinois Municipal League Representing our members’ interests at the Statehouse is a top priority of the Illinois Municipal League (IML). Our legislative advocacy on your…
Analysis of HB 3760 Local Government Tax Incentive Disclosure Act
April 27, 2016, Legislative briefs
Analysis of HB 3760Local Government Tax Incentive Disclosure Act HB 3760 (Representative Franks, D-Marengo) would create a new Act in the Illinois statutes known as the “Local Government Tax Incentive Disclosure Act.” While the bill&rsquo…
SB 3317 Analysis - Consolidation of Public Safety Pension Fund Assets for Investment with ISBI
March 17, 2016, Legislative briefs
SB 3317 (Senator Duffy, R-Barrington) would amend several articles within the Illinois Pension Code to effectuate the following policy changes: · Transfer investment responsibilities of Article 3 (police) and Article 4 (fire) pension funds to …
Illinois Municipal League Legislative Update for IGFOA Members
March 7, 2016, Legislative briefs
Illinois Municipal League Legislative Update COGFA Revenue Estimate ReducedIML staff attended a hearing on Tuesday, March 1, where the Commission on Governmental Forecasting and Accountability (COGFA) presented its revised FY2016 budget estimate. COG…
SB 2270 Requires Mandatory Audit Rotation and Applying Low Bid Requirements to Audit Services
February 25, 2016, Legislative briefs
Please see the information below provided to the IGFOA by the IML. IGFOA members are encouraged to provide observations, comments, or concerns about the provisions of SB 2270. Please send them to Execdir@igfoa.org by March 9, 2016. Analysis of SB 227…
Legislative Update - Fund Sweep Legislation
January 29, 2016, Legislative briefs
We have begun to receive inquiries from members concerned about recently-filed legislation that would invest the Governor with broad powers to manage the budget crisis using fund sweeps. HB 4521 was filed by House Minority Leader Durkin (R-Western Sp…
January 12, 2016, Legislative briefs
ANALYSIS of SB 318Two-Year Property Tax Freeze Issue Overview Governor Bruce Rauner is making pursuit of a property tax freeze a key part of his “Turnaround Agenda.” While such a policy has no direct impact on the state budget, the Govern…
State Shared Municipal Revenue - MFY 2016 Revised Estimates and MFY 2017 Forecasts
December 21, 2015, Legislative briefs
State Shared Municipal Revenue - MFY 2016 Revised Estimates and MFY 2017 ForecastsThe January issue of the Illinois Municipal Review magazine offers a comprehensive review of local government revenues administered by the State of Illinois. The articl…
Legislative Update – IML Analysis of Senate Bill 2039
December 11, 2015, Legislative briefs
As previously reported, SB2039 makes various appropriations for the Fiscal Year 2016 budget. Most of the appropriations are non-general revenue funds. To assist local governments with understanding the content of SB2039, the Illinois Municipal League…
Legislative Update – Distribution Schedule of Released State Funds
December 9, 2015, Legislative briefs
Illinois Municipal League (IML) Executive Director Brad Cole and Legislative Director Joe McCoy, provided the following information to the IGFOA regarding the distribution schedule of released State funds. Thank you to the IML for providing timely an…
Legislative Update – State to Release Critical Local Government Revenue
December 7, 2015, Legislative briefs
On Monday, December 7, 2015, the Illinois Municipal League (IML) reported in their IML Statehouse Briefing that Governor Bruce Rauner signed SB 2039, which will trigger the release of critical revenues the state owes to local governments. The bill pa…
Legislative Update - HB4305
November 11, 2015, Legislative briefs
On November 10, 2015, the Illinois House of Representatives passed HB4305, which authorizes the State to release specific funds ( (Motor Fuel Tax, video gaming fees, casino fees, 9-1-1 service fees) to local governments. The bill also addresses the d…
Illinois Funds – Letter from Treasurer Frerichs
October 23, 2015, Legislative briefs
DATE: October 16 2015 TO: Mayor/Village President/Town President, Manager/Administrator, Treasurer/Finance Officer FROM: Brad Cole, Executive Director, Illinois Municipal League RE: Illinois Funds – Letter from Treasurer Frerichs Several commun…
HR2775 Update
August 11, 2015, Legislative briefs
RTPA Update THE IGFOA is sharing the information below at the request of the national GFOA. IGFOA members will need to determine what action, if any, is appropriate for their community. “The GFOA continues to press for Congressional support of …
Legislative Update
July 14, 2015, Legislative briefs
Legislative Update The IML released an update on the status of the distribution of certain state shared revenues to local governments. Because of ongoing confusion regarding the distribution of the Motor Fuel Tax (MFT), Local Government Distributive …
Legislative Update
June 29, 2015, Legislative briefs
The Illinois Municipal League (IML) has provided important information on what happens to local government revenue if a 2016 state budget is not passed by July 1, 2015. The IML reports that on Wednesday, June 10, 2015, Illinois State Comptroller Lesl…
Legislative Update - Follow-up
May 13, 2015, Legislative briefs
As previously reported, the four property tax freeze amendments were heard yesterday in the House Revenue Committee and all four were passed onto the House floor by votes of 8-0-3. These bills are highly political as all 8 yes votes came from Democra…
Legislative Update
May 12, 2015, Legislative briefs
Yesterday afternoon (Monday, May 11), Rep. John Bradley (Chair of House Revenue Committee) and Rep. Jack Franks (PTELL advocate) filed four amendments that would freeze property tax rates beginning with levy year 2015 (unless higher rate approved via…
IML - Oppose LGDF Reductions
February 25, 2015, Legislative briefs
IML proposes opposition to LGDF Reductions - Click here
IML Briefing on Governor's Budget Address
February 19, 2015, Legislative briefs
Governor Rauner's first budget address and how it will affect local governments, read at http://legislative.iml.org/page.cfm?key=14794.
Legislative Veto Session recap
February 18, 2015, Legislative briefs
The override of the Governor’s veto of the Voluminous FOIA Request billRecap provided by IML: HB 3796 would establish “a definition of a “voluminous request” and allow the public body to respond to a voluminous request in much…
LGDF Prompt Payment Bill Signed into Law
August 27, 2014, Legislative briefs
HB 961 was signed into law by Governor Pat Quinn on August 26 as P.A. 98-1052. HB 961 requires that the State Comptroller transfer state-shared income tax revenue to the Local Government Distributive Fund (LGDF) within 60 days after receiving voucher…
IML Working to Remove Restrictions for Tap on Fees from SB 3507
July 2, 2014, Legislative briefs
Senate Bill 3507 (Sen. McCarter, R-Lebanon and Rep. Kay, R-Edwardsville) severely restricts the amount municipalities and townships may charge for tapping a property into water and/or sewer services. Specifically, the charge may only be up to 2 month…
Three Sales Tax Bills Sent to Governor
June 3, 2014, Legislative briefs
from the Northwest Municipal Conference Legislative Update Three bills addressing sales tax issues advanced in the final days of session and will be sent to the Governor for his consideration. The first, Senate Bill 2612 (Sen. Dan Kotowski / Rep. Bar…
Legislation to expedite LGDF monies gains momentum
May 29, 2014, Legislative briefs
The IGFOA Legislative Committee advises members that Senate Amendment 1 to HB 961 is slated for third reading. This bill would amend the State Revenue Sharing Act and the Illinois Income Tax Act. Provides that the transfers from the General Revenue F…
Push to Eliminate LGDF and Use Tax Revenue Sharing Heats Up
May 9, 2014, Legislative briefs
The IGFOA Legislative Committee shares an update from the Illinois Municipal League on SB 279 from the May 9th IML Statehouse Briefing: IML Testifies Against Elimination of LGDF and Use Tax Revenue Sharing Yesterday was a very busy day at the Capitol…
IMRF 13th payment
April 15, 2014, Legislative briefs
04/02/2014 01:46:17 PM: The Illinois Municipal League (IML) reported earlier today that legislation to eliminate the IMRF “13th check” has been tabled by its sponsor, Representative Deborah Conroy. According to the IML, this means that HB…
House Bill 5485 has been approved by the House
April 3, 2014, Legislative briefs
The Legislative Committee has learned that House Bill 5485 has been approved by the House by a vote of 63-44-6. HB 5485 makes minimum manning and residency requirements mandatory subjects of bargaining with respect to collective bargaining agreements…
Illinois Supreme Court Ruling - Sales Tax
November 21, 2013, Legislative briefs
In a unanimous decision today, the Illinois Supreme Court found that the widespread corporate practice of shifting the official point of purchase from the Chicago area to downstate counties with lower sales taxes (to avoid paying higher sales tax rat…
Illinois Senate considering freeze on municipal share of the State’s income tax
May 24, 2012, Legislative briefs
We have been informed by our legislative consultant that the Illinois Senate Democrats are supporting a budget proposal that would freeze the municipal share of the State’s income tax at current levels. If this proposal is ultimately successful…
PTELL Limits
March 29, 2012, Legislative briefs
The Senate unanimously passed SB410 which changes the definition of “aggregate extension base” under the Property Tax Extension Limitation Law. The intent behind this amendment is to base the tax cap on what the taxing district could have…
Extend Non-Home Use of Sales Tax Proceeds
March 29, 2012, Legislative briefs
The House approved HB5362 that provides that the corporate authorities of a non-home rule municipality may, until December 31, 2020 (now, December 31, 2015), use the proceeds of its sales taxes for expenditure on municipal operations, in addition to …
Sales Tax Rebate Agreements
March 28, 2012, Legislative briefs
The House Revenue and Finance Committee approved an amendment to HB3859 which requires municipalities to file reports concerning sales-tax rebate agreements. The bill would require municipalities and counties to file a report on rebate agreements wit…
Competitive Sale Bonds Only
March 27, 2012, Legislative briefs
An amendment of SB2978 would require that, “bonds sold by a governmental unit shall be sold pursuant to notice of sale and public bid”. The amendment would limit exercise of home rule power. Referred to Senate Local Government Subcommitte…
SB 2073
February 21, 2012, Legislative briefs
Described in the February 21, 2012 has not seen any action in the House during March. Sponsor State Senator Terry Link announced that he would not move the bill as amended through the Senate (read letter to IML). A similar bill, SB2862, sponsored by …
Property Tax Extension Limitation Amendment
February 21, 2012, Legislative briefs
Please be aware that the Illinois House approved SB 2073 with amendment #6 today: “Amends the Property Tax Extension Limitation Law in the Property Tax Code. Provides that, if the total equalized assessed value of all taxable property in the ta…
CPPRT diverted
November 11, 2011, Legislative briefs
The General Assembly concluded the regularly scheduled Fall Veto Session on Thursday, November 10. The House is scheduled to return on Tuesday, November 29, 2011. CPPRT-SB 2147 passed and sent to Governor The senate voted to pass SB 2147 which would …
Anderson Legislative Update
November 9, 2011, Legislative briefs
CPPRT-SB 2147 was passed out of the Senate education committee and will be called for a vote tomorrow in the Senate. As reported earlier the House managed to narrowly pass SB 2147 that will allow a one year diversion of the local personal property re…
Anderson Legislative Update
November 8, 2011, Legislative briefs
Subject: HB 3828/SB 2147 In addition to HB 3828- which would divert PPRT funds away from locals to pay for the salaries and expenses of regional school superintendents, Representative Mautino has recently filed an amendment to SB 2147. Amendment #7 t…
Additional Property Tax Levy Limitations Considered during Illinois General Assembly Veto Session
October 26, 2011, Legislative briefs
Yesterday the Illinois House Revenue and Finance Committee approved a bill that will significantly limit local property tax revenues for governments subject to the Property Tax Extension Limitation Law (PTELL), commonly referred to as property tax ca…
Anderson Legislative Update
June 2, 2011, Legislative briefs
Although the LGDF was left untouched in SB 335, House Amendment 2, pp. 108-150, there was a change to the Personal Property Replacement Tax (PPRT) Fund. Its estimated that about $15 million were taken from the fund but reduction was framed as a chang…
Anderson Legislative Update
May 31, 2011, Legislative briefs
As we approach the final hours of the spring session the action is picking up in the Statehouse. The House has adjourned with nearly an hour to spare after rapidly moving through many of the large issues that were left on the table and even managed t…
Statement released regarding Pension Reforms
May 30, 2011, Legislative briefs
Anderson Legislative Consultants forwarded statement released regarding Pension Reforms: STATEMENT REGARDING PENSION REFORM We are absolutely committed to reforming Illinois’ public pension system for current employees. It must be done to stabi…
Delays and Reductions in LGDF Receipts
March 24, 2011, Legislative briefs
The IGFOA Legislative Committee encourages you to learn about the delays in payment of the local share of income tax. The Illinois Municipal League provided the an update today at http://iml.org/page.cfm?key=4783 explaining the factors that are dragg…
SB2505 enacting the increased State of Illinois income tax rates
January 13, 2011, Legislative briefs
SB2505 enacting the increased State of Illinois income tax rates, was signed into law by Governor Quinn as Public Act 96-1496. The new income tax rates are now in effect. From Illinois Department of Revenue: Questions and Answers for Employers about …
Income Tax Rates increased
January 12, 2011, Legislative briefs
The Illinois General Assembly passed SB2505 to raise income tax rates. The bill requires the Governor's approval and would be effective as of January 1, 2011. The current income tax rates are 3% for individuals and 4.8% for corporations. The legislat…
Anderson Legislative Update
January 11, 2011, Legislative briefs
Lawmakers are down to the final hours of the 96th General Assembly and many high profile items remain on the docket. * Income Tax Package: The latest proposal to emerge includes increases in both the individual and corporate tax rate. Under the new p…
Anderson Legislative Update
January 5, 2011, Legislative briefs
The General Assembly's lame duck session convened this week (House convened Jan 3rd, Senate convened Jan 4th) and it has been extremely busy with small and large bills alike being worked on. That said some of the biggest issues of the year have yet t…
Streamlined Sales Tax
March 24, 2008, Legislative briefs
The Streamlined Sales Tax (SST) bill was intended to level the playing field between retail merchants and internet sales. Once passed, Illinois would then join the interstate compact and at that point new sales tax revenues from internet sales could …
Sudan Divestment Law Update
August 28, 2007, Legislative briefs
SB 1169 Signed by Governor - August 28, 2007 SB 1169 Passes both Houses - Awaiting Governor's Action - May 31, 2007Senator Collins legislation passes both Houses; however, local pension funds are removed from the provisions of the bill. SB 1169 Passe…
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