Nominating Committee

Seeks candidates for the IGFOA Executive Board and reviews candidates’ credentials. Recommends candidates for election at the Annual Business meeting.

Call for 2019-20 IGFOA Executive Board Nominations

  1. Rita Kruse Rita Kruse, Member City of Geneva, Finance Manager
  2. Stephanie Masson Stephanie Masson, Member City of Rock Island, Finance Director
  3. Christopher Minick Christopher Minick, Chairperson City of St. Charles, Finance Director
  4. Diane Gillian Lantz Diane Gillian Lantz, Staff Illinois Government Finance Officers Association, IGFOA Executive Director

Call for 2019-20 IGFOA Executive Board Nominations

The election of the 2019-20 Executive Board Officers and Members-at-Large will take place at the Annual Conference of the Illinois Government Finance Officers Association (IGFOA), September 8th through 10th at the Bloomington-Normal Marriott Hotel & Conference Center. The election will be conducted during the Annual Business Meeting on September 9, 2019.

The open positions on the Executive Board for 2019-20 is Member-at-Large and Member-at-Large, Non-Chief Financial Officer. Accordingly, the IGFOA Nominating Committee is seeking “Letters of Interest” from public sector active members wishing to be considered for one of these positions or from members nominating another person for one of these positions. The deadline for submitting “Letters of Interest” is June 28, 2019. 

Below are the primary responsibilities for each Executive Board Member.

  • Promote the Association and the profession.
  • Determine,monitor and strengthen the Association's programs and services.
  • Attend all Executive Board meetings and participate in the discussion and decision-making process at the meetings.
  • Support, respect and uphold the decisions of the Executive Board.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of all matters pertaining to the IGFOA.
  • Participate in programs to learn about the proper duties and functions of a board member and stay abreast of trends and issues affecting the profession.
  • Attend the IGFOA Annual Conference and Annual Business Meeting.
  • Represent IGFOA at other organizational meetings as requested by President.

The Member-at-Large Position 
The term of office for the elected Member-at-Large position is one year. The Member-at-Large position is a voting member of the IGFOA Executive Board. The Member-at-Large serves as Board Liaison to Committees or Task Forces as assigned and performs other duties as assigned by the President. The Member-at -Large position ascends through the IGFOA officer positions on the Executive Board.

The Member-at-Large, Non-Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Position
One Member-at-Large must not be the Chief Financial Officer (i.e., not the finance director or comparable official) of his or her government at the time of election. The term of office for the elected Member-at-Large, Non-CFO position is two years. The Non-CFO position is a voting member of the IGFOA Executive Board. The Non-CFO position does not ascend through the IGFOA officer positions at the end of the two-year term. The responsibilities of the Non-CFO position are below.

  • Serves as Board Liaison to Committees and Task Forces asassigned.
  • Encourages all professional staff, especially Deputy/Assistant Directors, Managers, Accountants and Finance Department support staff to participate in IGFOA programs.
  • Works with Committee Chairs to develop avenues and opportunities for all Professional Staff, especially Deputy/Assistant Directors, Mangers, Accountants and Finance Department support staff to participate and to include topics of interest to this audience in IGFOA programs.
  • Other duties asassigned by the President. 

Please refer to the IGFOA Bylaws and the Executive Board Policy Handbook for more information about Executive Board Officers and Members responsibilities. 

Factors Considered by Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee will consider factors such as work experience, public and professional contributions, demonstrated leadership and participation in the activities of the IGFOA, and the candidate’s personal statement of interest in the position and commitment to extended service to the IGFOA Executive Board (i.e., ascending through the officer positions).

Information to be Submitted to the Nominating Committee
To be considered for the positions, a candidate, or a member nominating an individual, must submit the following:

  1. a letter to the Nominating Committee describing how the candidate demonstrates the factors noted above;
  2. a personal statement of interest explaining why the candidate desires to serve on the Executive Board; and
  3. a non-binding statement signed by the candidate indicating the acceptance of the multi-year commitment to serve on the Executive Board.

The Nominating Committee may request other relevant information from a candidate or interview candidates to assist in making a decision.

To be considered, “Letters of Interest” must be received by June 28, 2019. 

Send Letters to:
Chris Minick, IGFOA Immediate Past President
Nominating Committee Chair
c/o City of St. Charles
2 East Main Street
St. Charles, IL 60174
Phone: (630) 377-4478 

Review Timeline 
The Nominating Committee will review all “Letters of Interest” before July 15, 2019.   The Committee will present to the membership a slate of candidates to consider at the 2019 Annual Business Meeting on September 9, 2019. However, any active member may make additional nominations from the floor at the Annual Business Meeting. 

Additional Information 
For additional information about the Executive Board or the nominating process, please contact Chris Minick.

Posted May 29, 2019

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