IGFOA Weekly News for March 22, 2019
March 22, 2019, IGFOA updates
IGFOA Weekly News for March 22, 2019
Illinois Department of Revenue - MyLocalTax (MLT)
March 22, 2019, IGFOA updates
The MyLocalTax portal, which Brenda Towers discussed at the 2018 Annual Conference, is on schedule. In late May/early June, the Illinois Department of Revenue will rollout MyLocalTax (MLT). MLT is their new portal that local governments will be able …
COGFA Releases State Fiscal Year 2020 Revenue Estimates
March 8, 2019, Legislative briefs
On March 5, the Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability (COGFA) released their FY 2020 Economic Forecast and Revenue Estimate and FY 2019 Revenue Update Report. Utilizing current law and economic trends, COGFA provided an update for S…
Legislative Tools and Information from IML
March 1, 2019, Legislative briefs
As a part of our mission to educate, advocate and empower our members, the Illinois Municipal League (IML) regularly develops tools to assist in addressing complex issues our members face. Those tools include legislative agendas, fact sheets, positio…
IGFOA Communications
January 10, 2019, IGFOA updates
To assure communications from the IGFOA are received, whitelist IGFOA email addresses, websites and email service providers used by the IGFOA . IGFOA uses the following email addresses and trusted email service providers to distribute announcements, …

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