What is the Knowledge Exchange?

The Knowledge Exchange is an IGFOA members only resource that facilitates sharing of information, experience, documents and other helpful information between members. IGFOA members can access the Knowledge Exchange at any time to view and contribute postings. Below are  Knowledge Exchange FAQs. Have other questions on the Knowledge Exchange? Email .

How do I contribute?

Post and tag content, ask and answer questions, and share documents.  The more you participate, the more valuable this resource will become for the entire IGFOA membership.

Members are encouraged to contribute any non-copyrighted document that may be of use or interest to other members. Of particular interest are materials that are routinely or periodically used and will save other members the trouble of "re-inventing the wheel" as well as materials and sample documents that can be used for training purposes.  Examples may include auditing services requests for proposals, investment policies, banking services requests for proposals, financial policies, and purchasing policies.

IGFOA relies on members to provide relevant materials for exchange. Without the ongoing contributions of members, the resource files cannot be kept up-to-date. Review the documents and materials you have prepared in the past year. Are there any RFPs, policies, ordinances, reports to your board or manager/director that may be of use to another member?

Do not assume that any question you have to pose or document you have to share is too basic, simple, complex, common or unusual.  All will contribute to our community of government finance officers.

What is a tag?

Tags are descriptive words or phrases entered by users to describe the content they post. The system uses tags to find other users and content that are likely to match your interests. For example, a document and an event tagged "auditing services" will be linked by the system (a simple but powerful way for users to form interest groups). Multiple tags can be applied to anything you share. Explore existing tags to find content you're interested in.


Questions on the Knowledge Exchange? Email