2018 Presentations

A Requiem for the Ethical Workplace. A Plan for Rebirth
Alternative Staffing Models
Bitcoin and Blockchain: A Combination of Technology and Finance
Certified Public Finance Officer - An Update
Challenge of Funding Change in Law Enforcement
Connecting with Your Audience
Credit & Market Impact of Pensions
Expanding Your Social Footprint: Using LinkedIn
Financial Reporting Model Reexamination
GASB Update
Illinois Department of Revenue - 2018 Local Government Update
Imperfect Equanimity and the Art of Being an Ethical Human
Issuing Bonds to Finance a Municipal Broadband System
Land Use and Fiscal Impact Analysis-A GFOA/APA Joint Project
National GFOA Overview for IGFOA with poll results
Pension Obligation Bonds
Same Day ACH:On the Rise - New Risks for Faster Fraud
Small Government Focus: Best Practices for Investments, Non-GAAP/Cash Basis Statements, and Internal Controls
The Financial Impact of Insurance Loss Control
Utility Asset Data Management and Visualization
What Every Finance Director Needs to Know About Human Resources

The information and opinions conveyed at IGFOA conferences, institutes, and seminars are obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but IGFOA makes no guarantee of accuracy. Opinions, forecasts and recommendations are offered by individuals and do not represent official IGFOA policy positions. Nothing herein should be construed as a specific recommendation to buy or sell a financial security. The IGFOA and speakers specifically disclaim any personal liability for loss or risk incurred as a consequence of the use and application, either directly or indirectly, of any advice or information presented herein.

The IGFOA does not advocate for specific outcomes of legislation or take positions in regards to matters of public policy. Accordingly, the views or opinions expressed in this presentation should not be construed as representing the IGFOA's position as an organization.

Unless otherwise indicated, all materials are copyrighted by the Illinois Government Finance Officers Association 2018. The enclosed materials may not be reprinted, reproduced, or presented in any format without express written authorization.

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