Sarah Montanari

Audit Manager
Sikich LLP
1415 W. Diehl Road, Naperville, IL, 60563, US map
(630) 566-8400 phone

Sarah Montanari

IGFOA profile

Sarah Montanari, CPA, MAS, is an audit manager at Sikich and has experience auditng a variety of governmental entities, with a focus on cities and villages. She is responsible for performing key audit procedures and internal control evaluations, report preparation and the supervision of audit fieldwork teams.

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About Sikich LLP

The Government Services Practice of Sikich LLP helps clients meet their financial reporting requirements efficiently, cost-effectively, and on- time. Our clients rely on our proven technical expertise, government experience, and commitment of senior resources to help them make the right management decisions for their constituencies. The Sikich team includes nationally recognized professionals who have devoted their careers to serving governmental clients. We serve a broad range of governmental entities from state and local governments to special districts with a complete line of services, including: audit and accounting, tax services, financial consulting, operations consulting, GASB 34 training and implementation, and local franchising authority services. As part of Sikich LLP we can offer technical governmental services specialists who provide network and systems integration, web site development and e-government applications, and fund accounting and operational intelligence systems.

Vendor services

  • Accounting: Audit Services
  • Accounting: DP Audit Services
  • Accounting: Financial Reporting
  • Accounting: Fixed Assets
  • Budget: Capital Budgeting and Planning
  • Budget: Manuals
  • Budget: Operating Budgets
  • Budget: Performance Measures
  • Budget: Policies
  • Debt: Policies
  • Management: Ethics
  • Management: Finance Law
  • Management: Home Rule
  • Management: Management Consulting Services
  • Management: Payroll
  • Management: Performance Measures
  • Management: Personnel and Human Resources
  • Management: Purchasing
  • Management: Telecommunication
  • Management: Travel and Reimbursement Policies
  • Management: Utilities
  • Pension: Investment Policies-Pensions
  • Pension: Pension Investment Consulting
  • Revenue: Billing or Collection Services
  • Revenue: Property Tax
  • Revenue: Sales Tax
  • Technology: DP Audit Services
  • Technology: Financial System Software
  • Technology: Hardware
  • Technology: Internet Applications
  • Technology: Management
  • Technology: Selection
  • Technology: Software-Other
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