Michael Malatt

Senior Manager
Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP

1301 W 22nd Street, Suite 400, Oak Brook, IL, 60523, US map
(630) 645-6226 phone
(630) 645-6276 fax

Michael Malatt

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About Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP


More than 2,800 talented and passionate individuals strong, Baker Tilly is a top 15 full-service accounting and advisory firm with specialized professionals who connect with you and your business through refreshing candor and clear industry insight.

Exceptional client service is what separates Baker Tilly from the rest. We ask. We listen. We hear you loud and clear. Learning about you, your organization, and your expectations is critical to our relationship because your definition of satisfaction is the only definition that matters. And when it comes to achieving results, our client-centric technical and industry specialists work with you and each other to deliver solutions that address your needs.

Vendor services

  • Accounting: Audit Services
  • Accounting: DP Audit Services
  • Accounting: Financial Reporting
  • Accounting: Fixed Assets
  • Budget: Capital Budgeting and Planning
  • Budget: Development
  • Budget: Manuals
  • Budget: Operating Budgets
  • Budget: Performance Measures
  • Budget: Policies
  • Debt: Policies
  • Management: Ethics
  • Management: Finance Law
  • Management: Home Rule
  • Management: Management Consulting Services
  • Management: Payroll
  • Management: Performance Measures
  • Management: Personnel and Human Resources
  • Management: Travel and Reimbursement Policies
  • Management: Utilities
  • Management: Water Bills and Vehicle Sticker Application Production Services
  • Management: Water Meter Systems
  • Revenue: Billing or Collection Services
  • Revenue: Property Tax
  • Revenue: Sales Tax
  • Technology: DP Audit Services
  • Technology: Financial System Software
  • Technology: Selection
  • Technology: Software-Other
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