Jim Grammas

Vice President
BMO Harris Bank N.A.

111 West Monroe Street, 5 Center, Chicago, IL, 60603, US map
(312) 461-7895 phone
(312) 293-5811 fax

Jim Grammas

IGFOA profile

  • IGFOA member since 2010
  • Affiliated with Chicago Metro Chapter

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About BMO Harris Bank N.A.


BMO Harris Bank offers various banking services including but not limited to Treasury Management, Investing, PCard, leasing and other.

Vendor services

  • Banking: Banking Services
  • Banking: Lockbox
  • Banking: P-card Provider
  • Banking: Safekeeping
  • Banking: Trust Services
  • Cash: Cash Handling
  • Cash: Investment
  • Cash: Investment Advisor
  • Cash: Investment Consultant
  • Cash: Investment Manager
  • Cash: Investment Policies-Corp.
  • Cash: Investment Reports
  • Cash: Money Manager
  • Debt: Bond Counsel
  • Debt: Bond Trustee, Registrar, and Paying Agent
  • Debt: Capital Financing
  • Debt: Financial Advisor
  • Debt: Policies
  • Debt: Underwriting Services
  • Pension: Deferred Compensation Plans
  • Pension: Investment Advisor
  • Pension: Investment Manager
  • Pension: Investment Policies-Pensions
  • Pension: Money Manager
  • Pension: Pension Investment Consulting
  • Pension: Pension Portfolio Management
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