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  1. Michelle L. Anderson Michelle L. Anderson McLean County, McLean County Auditor
  2. Jason Ashmore Jason Ashmore City of Sesser, Mayor
  3. Felicia Auth Felicia Auth Town of Normal, Accountant
  4. Linda J Barnes Linda J Barnes City of Rock Island, Accounting Supervisor
  5. Keli R Barrow Keli R Barrow City of Salem, Finance Director
  6. Carol J Bates Carol J Bates Village of West City, Treasurer
  7. Joan Baxter, CPA Joan Baxter, CPA City of Washington, Finance Director
  8. Elizabeth S Beaty Elizabeth S Beaty City of Urbana, Administrative Services Manager
  9. Kerri Bessee Kerri Bessee City of Rock Island, Accountant
  10. Robbin Blackert Robbin Blackert City of Rock Falls, City Administrator
  11. Scott Borror Scott Borror Village of Glen Carbon, Director of Finance
  12. Carina  Boyd Carina Boyd Village of Poplar Grove, Village Treasurer
  13. Brenda L  Boydstun Brenda L Boydstun City of Monmouth, Chief Financial Officer
  14. Mallory Branham Mallory Branham City of Springfield, Budget Analyst
  15. Randy Brunner Randy Brunner Peoria County, Finance Director, Peoria County Sheriff's Office
  16. Randy J. Bukas Randy J. Bukas City of Freeport, Finance Director
  17. Misty Buscher Misty Buscher City of Springfield, City Treasurer
  18. Chris Cardott Chris Cardott City of Rochelle, Finance Director
  19. Pat Chamberlin Pat Chamberlin Village of Rantoul, Comptroller
  20. Michael Childers Michael Childers City of Rockford
  21. Bobbi J Chockley Bobbi J Chockley City of Galesburg, Senior Accountant
  22. Julie Ciesla Julie Ciesla Peoria County, Assistant Chief Financial Officer
  23. Donna Cobillas Donna Cobillas City of Decatur, Budget & Revenue Officer
  24. Laura Cooper Laura Cooper Decatur Park District, Accounting Manager
  25. Arion L Cox Arion L Cox Village of Milan, Associate Finance Director
  26. Billie Crippen Billie Crippen City of Carbondale, Revenue Officer
  27. George P. Danos George P. Danos Champaign County, Auditor
  28. Jeffrey Davis Jeffrey Davis City of Carbondale, Finance Director
  29. Nicole Demetreas Nicole Demetreas Peoria County, Chief Deputy Treasurer
  30. Mary Ann Denning Mary Ann Denning City of Carbondale, Accounting Manager
  31. Sherry Dierking Sherry Dierking Village of Chatham, CFO & Treasurer
  32. Janette Dilliner Janette Dilliner City of Sesser, City Treasurer
  33. Ellen Dingledine Ellen Dingledine City of Washington
  34. Catherine R. Dinn Catherine R. Dinn City of West Frankfort, Comptroller
  35. Kim A Doglio Kim A Doglio City of Wilmington, Accountant
  36. John S Duncan John S Duncan City of La Salle, Finance Director
  37. Amanda Durst Amanda Durst City of Champaign, Staff Accountant
  38. Karen Dylak Karen Dylak Rockford Park District, Budget/Internal Control Manager
  39. Ronald C Eldridge Ronald C Eldridge Retired - City of Urbana
  40. Timothy L Ervin Timothy L Ervin Bloomington Normal Water Reclamation District, Director of Finance
  41. Linda Estep Linda Estep City of Rockford, Accounting Manager
  42. Sandy Evans Sandy Evans City of O'Fallon, Director of Finance
  43. Christine Feng Christine Feng Greater Peoria Mass Transit District, Chief Financial Officer
  44. Wendy Ferrill Wendy Ferrill Tazewell County, County Administrator
  45. Jeff Fiegenschuh Jeff Fiegenschuh City of Rochelle, City Manager
  46. Steve Fitzsimmons Steve Fitzsimmons City of Rock Island, Accountant
  47. Kris Francisco Kris Francisco City of Urbana, Accounting Supervisor
  48. Becky Fredericks Becky Fredericks City of Dixon, Finance Director
  49. Sarah Golden Sarah Golden City of Sullivan, Treasurer
  50. Dan Griffin Dan Griffin Oregon Park District, Finance & Technology Administrator
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