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  1. Felicia Auth Felicia Auth Town of Normal, Accountant
  2. Chris Black Chris Black Village of Buffalo Grove, Finance Director
  3. Robin Costello Robin Costello City of O'Fallon, Senior Accountant
  4. Jamie Cunningham Jamie Cunningham Village of Lombard, Assistant Director of Finance
  5. Marilyn Curnutte Marilyn Curnutte Village of Bedford Park, Chief Administrative Officer - Finance
  6. Sandy Evans Sandy Evans City of O'Fallon, Director of Finance
  7. Mary Grantz Mary Grantz City of Wheaton, Finance Analyst
  8. Jodie Hartman Jodie Hartman City of Crystal Lake, Director of Finance
  9. Rhonda Heabel Rhonda Heabel Village of Lombard, Management Analyst
  10. Andrew J Huhn Andrew J Huhn Town of Normal, Finance Director
  11. Rhonda Hyde Rhonda Hyde Village of Bedford Park, Treasurer
  12. Nan Jia Nan Jia Town of Normal, Accountant
  13. Rebecca Kapinski-Dietz Rebecca Kapinski-Dietz City of O'Fallon, Staff Accountant
  14. Janice Karney Janice Karney Village of Lombard, Accountant
  15. Karen Killingsworth Karen Killingsworth Town of Normal, Finance Manager
  16. Dana Kunz Dana Kunz Madison County Auditors Office, Internal Auditor
  17. Robert R Lehnhardt Robert R Lehnhardt City of Wheaton, Director of Finance
  18. Julie Logan Julie Logan City of Highland Park, Finance Director
  19. Lara Lukasik Lara Lukasik City of Highland Park, Financial Analyst
  20. Kristi McCaulou Kristi McCaulou City of Highland Park, Deputy Finance Director
  21. Robert Miller Robert Miller DeKalb County Government, Assistant Finance Director
  22. Michael Mondschain Michael Mondschain Village of Wheeling, Director of Finance
  23. Jolanta Moryl Jolanta Moryl City of Wheaton, Assistant Director of Finance
  24. Jessica Nawracaj Jessica Nawracaj Village of Lombard
  25. Kirk Openchowski Kirk Openchowski Village of Romeoville, Director of Finance
  26. Timothy Sexton Timothy Sexton Village of Lombard, Director of Finance
  27. Brian Smith Brian Smith Village of Wheeling, Assistant Finance Director
  28. Peter J. Stefan Peter J. Stefan DeKalb County Government, Finance Director
  29. Xiuchun (Sue) Wang Xiuchun (Sue) Wang Town of Normal, Finance Manager
  30. Dytania Washington Dytania Washington DeKalb County Government, Director of Administrative Services
  31. Deanna Willey Deanna Willey Town of Normal, Accountant
  32. Jennifer Zoelzer Jennifer Zoelzer Madison County Auditors Office, Chief Deputy Auditor
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