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  1. Michelle L. Anderson Michelle L. Anderson McLean County, McLean County Auditor
  2. Randy Brunner Randy Brunner Peoria County, Finance Director, Peoria County Sheriff's Office
  3. Michele Chaparro Michele Chaparro Forest Preserve District of DuPage County, Accountant
  4. Julie Ciesla Julie Ciesla Peoria County, Assistant Chief Financial Officer
  5. George P. Danos George P. Danos Champaign County, Auditor
  6. Nicole Demetreas Nicole Demetreas Peoria County, Chief Deputy Treasurer
  7. Wendy Ferrill Wendy Ferrill Tazewell County, County Administrator
  8. Lora Flori Lora Flori DuPage County, Assistant Financial Service Administrator
  9. Alicia Gjerde Alicia Gjerde Forest Preserve District of DuPage County, Accounting and Financial Systems Manager
  10. Brian Gulley Brian Gulley Peoria County, Dir Financial Services-Peoria City/Cty Health Dept
  11. RuthAnne Hall, CPPO RuthAnne Hall, CPPO Lake County, Purchasing Manager
  12. Karen Hennessy Karen Hennessy Will County, Finance Director
  13. Jack Hogan Jack Hogan Forest Preserve District of DuPage County, Director of Finance and Administration
  14. Ryan Horne Ryan Horne Lake County
  15. ReShawn Howard ReShawn Howard Will County, Budget Director
  16. Shelly Hranka Shelly Hranka Tazewell County, Auditor
  17. Kimberly Hudson Kimberly Hudson Peoria County, Accountant
  18. Diana Jaworski Diana Jaworski Forest Preserve District of Will County, Accounting Specialist
  19. Patrick King Patrick King Cook County, Director of Financial Reporting
  20. Dana Kunz Dana Kunz Madison County Auditors Office, Internal Auditor
  21. Brian Kuszewski Brian Kuszewski Forest Preserve District of DuPage County, Accounting Supervisor
  22. Jacob M. Jacob M. "Jake" Lee County Of Kankakee, Kankakee County Auditor
  23. Lisa Lukasevich Lisa Lukasevich Forest Preserve District of Will County, Director of Finance
  24. Steven McCarty Steven McCarty County Of Kankakee, Finance Director
  25. Rebecca C. McNeil Rebecca C. McNeil McLean County, Treasurer & Tax Collector
  26. Brandi  Nettles Brandi Nettles Will County, Accounting Manager
  27. Curtis P Newport Curtis P Newport Boone County, Treasurer
  28. Andrea M Norwood Andrea M Norwood Lake County, Public Works - Manager of Budget & Finance
  29. Tami Ogden, MPA, CMC Tami Ogden, MPA, CMC Champaign County, Deputy County Administrator of Finance
  30. Emily K Perkins Emily K Perkins Will County
  31. Craig Peters Craig Peters Tazewell County, Finance Director
  32. David Petschke David Petschke Forest Preserve District of Kane County, Accounting Manager
  33. Ashley Rack Ashley Rack Lake County, Accountant
  34. Paul Rafac Paul Rafac DuPage County, Chief Financial Officer
  35. Barbara Ramsay Barbara Ramsay Champaign County, Chief Deputy Auditor/Accounting Manager
  36. John Schick John Schick Cook County
  37. Jennifer Shadid Jennifer Shadid Peoria County, Asst. Court Administrator
  38. Michele Slav Michele Slav Lake County, Finance Manager
  39. Kenneth Stanish Kenneth Stanish Forest Preserve District of Kane County, Finance Director
  40. Peter J. Stefan Peter J. Stefan DeKalb County Government, Finance Director
  41. Patrice Sutton Patrice Sutton Lake County, Finance Director/CFO
  42. Jessica Thomas Jessica Thomas Peoria County, County Auditor
  43. Dytania Washington Dytania Washington DeKalb County Government, Assistant Finance Director
  44. Mary Wells Mary Wells DuPage County, Deputy Chief Financial Officer
  45. Michael Wheeler Michael Wheeler Lake County
  46. Lawrence L Wilson, CPA Lawrence L Wilson, CPA Cook County, Comptroller
  47. Dawn Wucki-Rossbach Dawn Wucki-Rossbach Lake County, Business Manager
  48. Jennifer Zoelzer Jennifer Zoelzer Madison County Auditors Office, Chief Deputy Auditor
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