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  1. Allen Altic Allen Altic Village of Bloomingdale, Assistant Finance Director
  2. Susan Beal Susan Beal Indian Trails Public Library District, Business Manager
  3. Jennifer Booth Jennifer Booth Village of Frankfort, Finance Director
  4. Lisa Bradley Lisa Bradley Warrenville Park District, Finance Supervisor
  5. Alison Brothen Alison Brothen Village of Hinsdale, Assistant Finance Director
  6. Erik Brown Erik Brown Downers Grove Park District, Director of Finance & Technology
  7. Lisa Buchanan Lisa Buchanan Village of Schaumburg, Senior Accountant
  8. Michele Chaparro Michele Chaparro Forest Preserve District of DuPage County, Accountant
  9. Michael Childers Michael Childers City of Rockford
  10. Allison Chmelik Allison Chmelik Village of Barrington, Assistant Finance Director
  11. Michael Cipolla Michael Cipolla Moraine Valley Community College, Controller
  12. Jeff Cook Jeff Cook Village of Frankfort, Assistant Village Administrator
  13. Phil Costello Phil Costello Oak Lawn Park District, Superintendent of Finance & Personnel
  14. Christina Coyle Christina Coyle Village of Glen Ellyn, Finance Director
  15. Annette Curtis Annette Curtis Park District of Highland Park
  16. George P. Danos George P. Danos Champaign County, Auditor
  17. Donna  Ekl Donna Ekl Arlington Heights Memorial Library, Director of Finance
  18. Diana Erickson Diana Erickson Fox Valley Park District, Director of Finance
  19. Linda Estep Linda Estep City of Rockford, Accounting Manager
  20. Tricia Farkas Tricia Farkas Downers Grove Park District, Superintendent of Finance
  21. Kristi Farnum Kristi Farnum Frankfort Fire Protection District, Finance Assistant
  22. Christine Feng Christine Feng Greater Peoria Mass Transit District, Chief Financial Officer
  23. Arlette Frye Arlette Frye Village of Lansing, Treasurer
  24. Alicia Gjerde Alicia Gjerde Forest Preserve District of DuPage County, Accounting and Financial Systems Manager
  25. John Goll John Goll Fox Valley Park District, Senior Accountant
  26. Carrie Hagerty Carrie Hagerty City of Rockford, Finance Director
  27. Steve Hale Steve Hale City of Marion, C.P.A./Treasurer
  28. Andrea Hampton Andrea Hampton Elmhurst Park District, Financial Operations Supervisor
  29. Alysia Harris Alysia Harris Village of Richton Park
  30. Jason Hayden Jason Hayden Village of Barrington, Director of Community & Financial Services
  31. Shelley Henn Shelley Henn Village of Barrington
  32. Donald Hilgenbrinck Donald Hilgenbrinck Quincy Park District, Director of Business Services
  33. Jack Hogan Jack Hogan Forest Preserve District of DuPage County, Director of Finance and Administration
  34. Ashley Jackson Ashley Jackson Waukegan Township, Finance Assistant
  35. Christi Jacobson Christi Jacobson Elmhurst Park District, Director of Finance and Human Resources
  36. Argie Johnson-Martin Argie Johnson-Martin City of Country Club Hills, City Treasurer
  37. Rasheed Jones Rasheed Jones Village of Schaumburg, Assistant Finance Director
  38. Tim Kasper Tim Kasper Countryside Fire Protection District, Finance Director
  39. Kristin Kazenas Kristin Kazenas Village of Hawthorn Woods, Chief Financial Officer and Dir of Human Resources
  40. Karleen Kendall Karleen Kendall Village of Manhattan, Assistant Finance Director
  41. Amanda Knight Amanda Knight Champaign-Urbana Public Health District, Director of Finance
  42. Allison  Knox Allison Knox City of Rockford, Accountant
  43. Karolina Kolodziej Karolina Kolodziej City of Des Plaines, Assistant Finance Director
  44. Rita Kruse Rita Kruse City of Geneva, Finance Manager
  45. Nathan Krusinski Nathan Krusinski Lockport Township Park District, Staff Accountant
  46. Brian Kuszewski Brian Kuszewski Forest Preserve District of DuPage County, Accounting Supervisor
  47. Errol Lagman Errol Lagman Downers Grove Park District, Accountant
  48. Darrell Langlois Darrell Langlois Village of Hinsdale, Director of Finance
  49. De'Anna Larsen De'Anna Larsen City of Rockford, Accountant
  50. Charles  R Laugges Charles R Laugges Champaign-Urbana Public Health District, Accounting Coordinator
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