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  1. Kevin Baumgartner Kevin Baumgartner Village of Arlington Heights, Finance - Accounting Assistant
  2. Tina Becke Tina Becke Palatine Park District, Assistant Sup't of Finance
  3. Jon Beckmann Jon Beckmann Waukegan Park District, Superintendent of Finance & Administration, MBA
  4. Shelly Braxton Shelly Braxton City of Bloomington, Customer Service Manager
  5. Kelly Carstens Kelly Carstens Sanitary District of Decatur, Accounting Supervisor
  6. Donna Cobillas Donna Cobillas City of Decatur, Budget & Revenue Officer
  7. Laura Cooper Laura Cooper Decatur Park District, Accounting Manager
  8. Steve Crouch Steve Crouch City of Bloomington, Accountant
  9. Amanda Durst Amanda Durst City of Champaign, Staff Accountant
  10. Donna  Ekl Donna Ekl Arlington Heights Memorial Library, Director of Finance
  11. Kalina Garcia Kalina Garcia Waukegan Park District, Supervisor of Finance
  12. RuthAnne Hall, CPPO RuthAnne Hall, CPPO Lake County, Purchasing Manager
  13. Melinda Hawbaker Melinda Hawbaker City of Decatur, Comptroller
  14. Ryan Horne Ryan Horne Lake County
  15. Ashley Jackson Ashley Jackson Waukegan Township, Finance Assistant
  16. Jennifer S Johnson Jennifer S Johnson City of Champaign, Administrative Services Supervisor
  17. Mary Ellen Juarez Mary Ellen Juarez Village of Arlington Heights, Assistant Finance Director
  18. Courtney R Kouzmanoff Courtney R Kouzmanoff City of Champaign
  19. Tom Kuehne Tom Kuehne Village of Arlington Heights, Finance Director/Treasurer
  20. Sheryl McDaniel Sheryl McDaniel City of Bloomington, Accountant
  21. Lucy McGlynn Lucy McGlynn Orland Fire Protection District, Director of Human Resources
  22. Jason S  Myers Jason S Myers Arlington Heights Park District, Director of Finance and Personnel
  23. Kay M Nees Kay M Nees City of Champaign, Finance Director
  24. Nancy Netherton Nancy Netherton Waukegan Township, Finance Manager
  25. Kent Newton Kent Newton Sanitary District of Decatur, Director of Administration
  26. Andrea M Norwood Andrea M Norwood Lake County, Public Works - Manager of Budget & Finance
  27. James Obog James Obog Village of Arlington Heights, Accountant
  28. Ashley Rack Ashley Rack Lake County, Accountant
  29. Scott Rathbun Scott Rathbun City of Bloomington, Interim Finance Director
  30. Erika Renz Erika Renz Elk Grove Township, Finance Director
  31. Deborah Rodi Deborah Rodi City of Bloomington, Jr. Accountant
  32. Beth Schwarz Beth Schwarz Palatine Public Library District, Finance Manager
  33. Carrie Siems Carrie Siems City of Champaign, City Accountant/Financial Services Manager
  34. Patti-Lynn Silva Patti-Lynn Silva City of Bloomington, Chief Accountant
  35. Michele Slav Michele Slav Lake County, Finance Manager
  36. Tina Smigielski Tina Smigielski City of Waukegan, Chief Financial Officer
  37. Alexis Smulson Alexis Smulson Village of Arlington Heights, Accounting Manager
  38. Kerry C Sullivan Kerry C Sullivan Orland Fire Protection District, Finance Director
  39. Patrice Sutton Patrice Sutton Lake County, Finance Director/CFO
  40. Chris Tomerlin Chris Tomerlin City of Bloomington, Asset Manager
  41. Zaida Torres Zaida Torres Palatine Park District, Superintendent of Finance
  42. Andrea N Wallace Andrea N Wallace Champaign Park District, Director of Finance
  43. Michael Wheeler Michael Wheeler Lake County
  44. Janna Witt Janna Witt Arlington Heights Park District, Superintendent of Accounting
  45. Travis Woodcock Travis Woodcock City of Champaign, Financial Analyst
  46. Dawn Wucki-Rossbach Dawn Wucki-Rossbach Lake County, Business Manager
  47. Gregg D Zientara Gregg D Zientara City of Decatur, City Treasurer & Director of Finance
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