Temporarily Left Workforce Membership

The Executive Board established the category of Temporarily Left Workforce Membership to encourage members to remain active in the association following unemployment or have voluntarily left the workforce. 

Policy Criteria for Temporarily Left Workforce Membership

  1. An unemployed current member or non-member 

Benefits of Temporarily Left Workforce Membership

  1. Temporarily Left the Workforce members are non-voting members of the Association. 
  2. Listing in the IGFOA Directory
  3. The IGFOA bi-weekly e-newsletter.
  4. Access to the IGFOA on-line Directory
  5. Member rate for all IGFOA seminars and events
  6. Member rate for the Annual Conference

Temporarily Left Workforce Membership Dues

Membership dues for this category are $100.00 per calendar year. To sign up for this category, contact the IGFOA at info@igfoa.org.