Illinois Department of Revenue 2018 Local Government Workshops

Posted April 20, 2018 in IGFOA updates

The Illinois Department of Revenue will be conducting informational workshops to discuss items related to the allocation and distribution of taxes to local governments including updates on changes that have happened due to legislation. Some of the topics that will be covered will include: Annexations, Business District Taxes, Sales Tax, Telecommunications Tax, Personal Property Replacement Tax, Local Government Distributive Fund, general overview of locally imposed taxes, the Annual Taxpayer Location Address List, the changes to the reciprocal agreement for exchange of confidential information and how to access the information available on our website. The workshops will also discuss ways your local government can ensure your taxpayers are registered to report sales for your jurisdiction.

Municipal officials, county officials and their staff members are encouraged to attend the workshops. Clerks, treasurers, fiscal officers, and staff who are responsible for reviewing taxpayer listings or are directly involved in the financial operations of the local government would benefit from these workshops.

Please visit for the dates and locations of the 2018 Local Government Workshops.

All registrations and inquiries must be sent to or to the address below.

Illinois Department of Revenue
Local Tax Allocation Division (MC-300)
101 West Jefferson Street
Springfield, IL 62702