IGFOA Communications

Posted January 10, 2019 in IGFOA updates

To assure communications from the IGFOA are received, whitelist IGFOA email addresses, websites and email service providers used by the IGFOA .

IGFOA uses the following email addresses and trusted email service providers to distribute announcements, weekly newsletters, event registration confirmations, surveys, and webinar instructions:

* Illinois GFOA via em.secureserver.net (Weekly News, Dispatch Newsletter, Training Events)

* IGFOA Webinar Login Link - IGFOA PEC <meetings@meetings.readytalk.com>

* info@igfoa.org via surveymonkey.com <member@surveymonkeyuser.com>

* info@igfoa.org

* execdir@igfoa.org

(630) 942-6587