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Legislative Tools and Information from IML

March 1, 2019 | Legislative briefs


As a part of our mission to educate, advocate and empower our members, the Illinois Municipal League (IML) regularly develops tools to assist in addressing complex issues our members face. Those tools include legislative agendas, fact sheets, position papers and analytical reports published annually.


The 2019 State Legislative Agenda (available via this link) highlights three issue categories: Enacting Public Safety Pension Fund Reform and Consolidation, Protecting Municipal Revenues and Protecting Municipal Authority. All IML legislative proposals fit into one of these three categories.

Proposals include reforming and consolidating the state’s more than 650 public safety pension funds, eliminating or reducing the sales tax administrative fee, providing municipalities with additional public notice options and providing sales tax parity between home rule and non-home rule communities. Position papers on all of IML’s agenda items are available via this link.


IML fact sheets provide background on complex issues, municipal revenues and new changes to Illinois law that impact municipalities. Fact sheets are available on Personal Property Replacement Taxes (PPRT), Local Government Distributive Fund (LGDF), Motor Fuel Tax (MFT) and much more. Our fact sheets are available via this link.


As legislation is introduced during the 101st General Assembly, IML may develop position papers on proposals. All position papers can be found on our website via this link.


IML also develops reports from past legislative sessions tracking the number of state mandates and preemptions of municipal authority proposed during a legislative session. Past editions of the Proposed State Mandates reports can be found via this link. For the first edition of the annual Proposed Legislation Imposing Local Preemption Report, click here.


Since the start of session, members of the General Assembly have introduced more than 6,500 bills and resolutions. IML has reviewed those proposals and is continually tracking legislation that has an impact on municipal governments and has taken positions on more than 900 bills and resolutions.


If you have an inquiry about a specific bill, all introduced legislation is searchable on our website, and our position is shown for each bill. Please visit iml.org/billtracking to look up any bill position and see if it imposes a state mandate, reduces municipal revenue or preempts local authority along with other pertinent information available online.

February 28, 2019


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