IGFOA Supports Public Pension Financial Expertise on Boards of Trustees

Posted November 4, 2022 in IGFOA updates

Election to Illinois Firefighters’ Investment Pension Fund (IFPIF) Board of Trustees: Illinois Municipal League Endorses Doug Krieger, City Manager, City of Naperville - IGFOA Supports Public Pension Financial Expertise on  Boards of Trustees

The Illinois Municipal League (IML) has endorsed Doug Krieger, City Manager for the City of Naperville, for election to the Board (available via this link). Prior to his position as City Manager, Doug Krieger served the City of Naperville as the Director of Finance and was a CPA with Price Waterhouse Coopers.

IGFOA believes it is in the best interests of all IFPIF members to have financial expertise on the IFPIF Board of Trustees. This is critical to evaluating the quality of essential professional services (e.g., actuarial, investment advisory) as well as understanding the financial consequences of Board decisions on participants. Doug Krieger has the requisite knowledge and experience to help educate and explain those potential budget impacts. Doug Krieger earned his bachelors degree from the United States Naval Academy and his MBA from the University of Chicago. His full bio can be found here.

To be eligible to vote for IFPIF Board of Trustees, a municipality must have a participating firefighters’ pension fund. Ballots have been mailed to those mayors, village presidents and town presidents who are eligible to vote. If your community’s mayor, village president or town president is eligible to vote and has not received a ballot in the mail, please have them contact IML at (217) 525-1220 and request a replacement ballot. Completed ballots must be returned prior to December 1.

Please emphasize the importance of having a Board member possessing public pension financial expertise with the eligible voter in your community.

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