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IML Working to Remove Restrictions for Tap on Fees from SB 3507

July 2, 2014 | Legislative briefs

Senate Bill 3507 (Sen. McCarter, R-Lebanon and Rep. Kay, R-Edwardsville) severely restricts the amount municipalities and townships may charge for tapping a property into water and/or sewer services. Specifically, the charge may only be up to 2 months of the estimated annual cost of the charge for supplying the water or sewer services. As an example of the impact of this legislation, a tap on fee for a single family home could be no more than $100 for many jurisdictions.

The bill did not receive any formal opposition as it moved through the General Assembly. The IML did have an amendment drafted to remove municipalities from this legislation; however, this amendment was approved by the House Rules Committee but never placed on the bill. The legislation was approved by both chambers and is headed for the Governor's desk for his consideration.

The IML met with Senator McCarter after the bill was approved by both chambers. The Senator agreed that it would be best to request an amendatory veto to remove the language limiting tap on fees for water and sewer services that can be charged by municipalities. Although this does not assure that the Governor will issue an amendatory veto for the bill, it certainly does help persuade him toward that action. In addition, the Governor's staff has been working with Senator McCarter's staff with the understanding that it is unlikely that the Governor would approve SB 3507 without some type of change.

Read more at http://iml.org/page.cfm?key=11909

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