COVID-19 Impacts on the Economy and Debt Issuance

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PMA, in partnership with the Illinois Government Finance Officers Association (IGFOA), invites you to join us on Wednesday, May 13th for a webinar featuring a discussion on the COVID-19 impacts on the economy and debt issuance. We are especially excited to welcome Brian Battle, Director of Trading and Partner at Performance Trust Capital Partners, to share his views as an institutional investor of the COVID-19 impact on the municipal bond market. In addition, Andrew Kim and Stephen Adams, will provide a general update on the municipal bond market, and Brian Hextell will discuss broader implications of COVID-19 on the economy as a whole.

Wednesday, May 13th, 10 - 11am

- Brian Battle, Director of Trading and Partner, Performance Trust Capital Partners
- Andrew Kim, Director, Public Finance, PMA Securities, LLC
- Stephen Adams, Director, Public Finance, PMA Securities, LLC
- Brian Hextell, Senior Vice President - Institutional Portfolio Manager, PMA Asset Management, LLC

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