ASP Chicago Presents: Strategies for Creating Long-Term Sustainable Value in the New Economy

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Time 5:00pm
Location Mid America Club
200 East Randolph Drive, 80th Floor,
ChicagoIllinois 60601

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ASP Chicago Presents:Strategies for Creating Long-Term Sustainable Value in the New Economy
How can companies create greater long-term sustainable value in the new economy? What strategies have been shown to lead to superior and sustainable long-term value creation? What strategic activities and financial performance indicators separate successful long-term value creating companies from others?

In this session, Dr. Mark L. Frigo will present his latest research on high performing companies. Today, companies need to understand, manage, and align their long-term value drivers to achieve superior and sustainable value creation, especially in today’s constantly changing business environment. Investors need to understand a company’s long-term value creation strategy in order to confidently commit to investing in a company. To attract these investors, companies need to develop, communicate, and execute a long-term value creation strategy. Strategic planning professionals can play a pivotal role in helping companies refocus their strategy, performance measures and deployment of resources toward greater long-term sustainable value creation. The key takeaways from this session include:

  • Use a framework for developing strategies for driving long-term sustainable value.
  • Identify how long-term value is created in a business and use the Competitive Life Cycle to guide investment decisions.
  • Develop a Value Creation Checklist© for Creating Long-Term Sustainable Value.
  • Recognize how intangible assets create long-term value in the new economy.
  • Lessons from a Case Study Success Story.