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Illinois GFOA Jobline: This position announcement newsletter is sent to IGFOA members each Friday. The newsletter is sent to the 850+ members of IGFOA and listings are posted online in our Jobline for up to two months or the submission deadline.  The IGFOA Web site is open to the public.

Rates and publication deadlines: 

IGFOA Member rate: $250 per ad
Non-member rate: $400 per ad

Publication schedule: by Friday of each week based on demand

Announcements posted by Monday of each week will be included in the IGFOA Weekly News.

Because of the quick turnaround between deadline for submission and publication, IGFOA cannot provide advanced proofs. Where an announcement must be edited for inclusion, the submitter will be notified prior to publication.

Paying for the announcement

Refer to the chart below for member and non-member rates. Please use the confirmation from the IGFOA Jobline request form as your invoice. Payment is due upon receipt. Non-members are expected to pay in advance of publication by credit card.

What to include in your announcement

Be sure to include the name of the government or firm, position title, starting salary or range, brief description of duties, note any residency requirements, contact person for additional information, address for submitting applications/resumes, note whether faxed or e-mailed applications will be accepted and deadline for application. If the position was vacated due to retirement or is a newly created position, it may be helpful to so note. If your announcement does not specify a deadline, IGFOA will list the announcement for two months.

Publication Schedule: Every Friday in the Weekly News based on demand

For more information, contact  Executive Director Diane Gillian Lantz or Association Manager Ruth Limpers at 630.942.6587 or

Members, sign in to submit at member rates.

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Note:  within the on-line form, please complete the "Open until" or "Will remain open until filled" box to activate the job announcement on the website.

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