Superintendent of Finance & HR | Addison Park District

Posted on Jan 6, 2020 and will remain open until filled.

Job Title:  Superintendent of Finance & HR

Department:  Business Services

Classification:  Full-Time, Exempt, IMRF

Salary:  $66,000+ DOQ


Overall Job Summary 

Under the direction and supervision of the Executive Director, the Superintendent is responsible for all day-to-day operations for finance, human resources, information systems (IT) and safety through application of policies, procedures, reporting systems, etc.  The Superintendent is also responsible for assisting in the development, implementation and evaluation of the District’s strategies, initiatives, training, business plans, master plans, capital improvement plans, strategic plans, policies, procedures, etc. to meet the goals of the Addison Park District (the “District”).  The Superintendent is on call (as needed), must attend all Board Meetings and Committee of the Whole Meetings and will be responsible for supervising, training, coaching and leading full-time and part-time employees in the Business Department.  This is an at-will position.

Financial Job Summary Overview

The Superintendent is responsible for the overall management and day-to-day financial operations and ensures legal and regulatory compliance for all accounting and financial reporting functions, while implementing the appropriate policies, procedures, checks and balances.  The Superintendent also oversees the District’s general accounting, accounts receivable and accounts payable operations.  While working closely with the District’s Finance Manager, the Superintendent manages the District’s bond payments and investments for optimal return and necessary liquidity.

Human Resources/Safety Job Summary Overview

The Superintendent is also responsible for overall management and day-to-day operations of the District’s human resources and risk management functions.  The Superintendent is also responsible for, but not limited to, overseeing policy implementation, compensation, benefits administration, payroll, professional development, coaching, training and legal compliance, while working closely with the Human Resource Generalist.  In addition, the Superintendent, while working closely with the Safety Coordinator, oversees the District’s Risk Management program, in many different areas, including, but not limited to areas of employment practices, workmen’s compensation, unemployment, property and casualty, liability and general safety.


  • Must have a Bachelor’s Degree in the related field (Personal Administration, Human Resources, Organizational Development, Finance, Accounting or related field) from an accredited college/university.
  • Preference given to candidates with a Master’s in the related field (Personal Administration, Human Resources, Organizational Development, Finance, Accounting or related field) from an accredited college/university.
  • Must have a minimum of seven (7) years of full-time experience in a related field or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Must have a minimum of four (4) years of supervising staff.
  • Must have extensive and proven knowledge in government finance, human resources, public administration, organizational development or related experience.
  • Must be proficient in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and have the ability to adapt, learn and understand various District software.
  • Must have strong leadership skills with exceptional interpersonal, verbal, written, organizational, human relations and long range planning skills.
  • Must have a valid Illinois State Driver’s License and willing to travel to meetings, training and seminars on and off the District’s campus.
  • May need to be Red Cross CPR and AED Certified depending on current staff (District provided).

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

General Administration

  • Employee must be familiar with state park code, other federal, state and local statutes and resolutions.
  • Employee must have an understanding of the legal requirements and administration of Closed Session Minutes, Freedom of Information Requests [FOIA], Open Meetings Act [OMA] and any other requirements, while serving as one of the District’s OMA and FOIA designated officers.
  • Employee must assist the Executive Director in development, implementation and evaluation of the various business decisions and strategic outlook of the District, while adhering to the specified budget.
  • Employee must oversee, create, implement and update District policies and organizational structures with the goal of improving the District's efficiency.
  • Employee is responsible for participating in forecasting departmental projections, tracking financial activities, statistical reporting and prioritizing and re-prioritizing activities within the District.
  • Employee must have the capacity to maintain confidential records and information.
  • Employee must have the ability to delegate work, where appropriate, in order to accomplish work most effectively.
  • Employee must perform all additional job duties as assigned, which may be considered essential.


  • Employee must organize, lead and facilitate regular all-staff and departmental staff meetings and foster a culture of open communications among staff.
  • Employee must facilitate and maintain excellent inter-departmental relations and a continuous and progressive working culture within the Business, Recreation and Maintenance departments and assist with revenue generating or cost saving opportunities to provide the community with premium facilities, parks and programs.
  • Employee must develop and maintain cooperative and effective communication and relationships with all internal and external guests, community and other public and private agencies.


  • Employee must assist with immediate, mid and long-range planning, goals and objectives to meet District and community needs for adequate recreation, open space, facilities, personnel, programs and services.
  • Employee must assist the Executive Director with organizing an efficient administrative organization, while analyzing, developing, implementing and updating operational procedures and approved policies.
  • Employee must conduct a business department assessment and create, implement and evaluate short, mid and long-term plans, goals, objectives, performance measures and standards based on the assessment and hold the department and personnel accountable.
  • Employee must assist with the coordination and implementation, as applicable to the business department, of the District’s business plans, strategic plans, master plan and capital improvement plans.

Personnel/ Human Resources

  • Employee must oversee the human resources department and analyze, implement and update standards, policies, procedures and best practices.
  • Employee must assist in periodically recommending revisions to the District’s organizational chart including number of personnel for each position, essential job responsibilities and salary range.  Recommendations should be based on continual District improvement, as well as providing individuals with professional and personal growth.
  • Employee is responsible for supervising staff by communicating job responsibilities and expectations, training, coaching, performance evaluation/management, conflict management, recognition and performance improvement plans, as needed.
  • Employee must conduct surveys, prepare reports and gather information to measure and/or improve employee performance, satisfaction, engagement, professional development, benefit and compensation trends.
  • Employee must develop, maintain and continually assess employee orientation programs to optimize new and returning employee on-boarding and off-boarding.
  • Employee must administer and act as the District’s Authorized Agent for the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund.
  • Employee must manage human resource related administrative functions including FMLA, IMRF, workmen’s compensation claims, personnel records, benefits, compensation and training.
  • Employee is responsible for the implementation of all human resources policies and procedures.
  • Employee must oversee the entire hiring process, including, but not limited to, vacancies, recruitment, selection, on-boarding, etc.


  • Employee must oversee the finance department and have exceptional budget and finance skills and analyze, create, implement and update standards, policies, procedures and best practices, as needed.
  • Employee must oversee the entire budget process of all departments; including, but not limited to District-wide forecast/projections, recreation and maintenance department budgets, their cash flow estimates and recommendations for revenue and expenditure adjustments. 
  • Employee must understand legal requirements of operating a park District including, but not limited to: Budget and Appropriation Ordinance, Prevailing Wage Notice, Bond Hearings, Notices and Ordinance requirements, Tax Levy Hearing and Ordinance, etc.
  • Employee must complete all aspects of the Budget and Appropriation Ordinance and the Tax Levy including filing, publishing and other state and federal requirements.
  • Employee must assist departments with researching alternate sources of funding, including, but not limited to, corporate sponsorships, donations, revenue sharing, grants and foundation contributions.
  • Employee must assist with preparing capital expenditure recommendations, as needed.
  • Employee must develop internal controls system and perform internal audit functions with special emphasis on cash receipts, reports and controls on all programs and facilities.
  • Employee must act as the investment officer for the District, invests all available cash in interest producing opportunities within the confines of Illinois Statutes and District Policies.
  • Employee must prepare and execute appropriate bank transfers to meet expense and investment requirements and maintain appropriate records and system entries.
  • Employee must assist the Finance Manager with internal audit on all accounts and records; assists with the coordination of the audit, as needed.
  • Employee must prepare all financial reports, as needed, to the other Department Heads, Executive Director and Board of Commissioners on a minimum of a monthly basis.

Public Relations

  • Employee must assist in providing training, policies, procedures, standards and best practices for staff to provide and maintain courteous relations with the public.
  • Employee must assist in promoting the greater understanding and support of District activities by representing the District at various governmental, civic and community functions.
  • Employee must assist the Executive Director in establishing and maintaining cooperative planning and working relationships with local community agencies, governmental, voluntary and private organizations, key community members and businesses, while representing the District in a professional manner.


  • Employee must oversee and coordinate all IT functions, including independent contractors. 
  • With consultation of our IT consulting firm, the employee must be able to evaluate, plan, implement, and coordinate District-wide communication systems and technology operations from strategic to day-to-day.
  • Employee must oversee the IT department and analyze, implement and review standards, policies and procedures.
  • Employee must oversee all purchasing of District hardware and software.
  • Employee must prepare IT budgets, financial reports and staffing needs, and make any recommendations for long-term and short term expenditures.



  • Employee must have outstanding political sensitivity and adapt to different situations.
  • Employee must have the ability to work harmoniously and maintain effective relationships with fellow employees, patrons, community groups and other units of local government.
  • Employee must work with the District attorney in conjunction with District and Board established policies, procedures and directives in handling of District legal matters.
  • Employee must have the knowledge and understand the importance of assisting community involvement, commissioners and staff as a collaborative process for feedback, decision-making and planning in the development of present and future District strategic plans. 
  • Employee must update the Commissioner’s Handbook as needed.


  • Employee must maintain membership in significant professional organizations and participate in workshops, conferences, seminars and programs designed to promote professional development and continuing education for human resources and financial best practices and laws.
  • Employee must be aware of new developments, trends, innovations, etc. in the professional management of the parks and recreation field and business practices.
  • Employee must be able to exercise good judgment and make sound decisions based on appropriate research and analysis.
  • Employee must be able to project a professional image by demonstrating integrity, honesty and accountability.
  • Employee must ensure compliance with all Federal and State regulatory and legal requirements.
  • Employee must plan, coordinate and implement (with assistance) the District’s employee events, awards, and activities to raise and maintain high morale and employee satisfaction.


  • Employee must oversee the Safety Coordinator and all of the risk management policies, procedures and audits for the District, including District claims and incidents with PDRMA are investigated, filed, reviewed and tracked for pollution, liability, casualty, and property issues.
  • In conjunction with the Safety Coordinator, employee must maintain and update the District’s existing risk management programs, manuals, plans and emergency operations, including but not limited to:  Safety Manual, Crisis Management Plan, Emergency Operations Plans, compliance policies, etc.
  • Employee must maintain a pro-active approach to safety and risk management.
  • Employee must perform all job tasks within the rules and guidelines of the District’s safety program.


Secondary Job Responsibilities

  • Employee must perform special projects and duties as assigned by the Executive Director to maintain sound business and financial management for the District.
  • Employee is responsible for the operations of the District in the absence of the Executive Director.
  • Employee must have the capacity to be self-motivated and achieve goals by utilizing effective time management and organizational skills.
  • Employee must oversee the District’s record retention process, etc.
  • Employee must act as an administrator of the financial and recreation software programs.
  • Employee must conduct research, as needed, and prepare various reports as requested to better the District's effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Employee must be a team player and demonstrate, lead, support, and administer the District’s mission statement, vision, core values, policies, and procedures.
  • Employee must create, implement, maintain and evaluate a work environment which will help enable employees to reach high standards of quality and quantity in their work, while holding them accountable.
  • Employee is responsible for reviewing, calculating accurately and approving employee timecards, if applicable.
  • Employee must function as their direct reports in the event any of their direct report position(s) are vacant:  Safety Coordinator, HR Generalist, Finance Manager,  Accounts Payable and Payroll.

Environment & Physical Demands

  • Employee will be involved in frequent sitting, walking, reaching, handling, and fingering; the ability to lift file boxes, occasional climbing, balancing, stooping, kneeling, and crouching (a thorough pre-employment physical examination will be required after conditional job offer).
  • Employee may performed duties which include, but not limited to prolonged lifting, stooping, bending, twisting and climbing for extended periods of time.


Cognitive Considerations

  • Employee must be able to communicate effectively and professionally with the public, staff, and board.
  • Employee must be able to follow directions and communicate in English both verbally and in writing.
  • Employee must be able to make decisions objectively based on customer service and fiscal constraint.
  • Employee must have the ability to demonstrate personal integrity in business and have the ability to make good judgments, good problem solving abilities and must have the capacity to proactively troubleshoot and problem solve.
  • Employee must have be adaptable and have the ability to learn and apply complex theories and concepts.
  • Employee must be detailed oriented.
  • Employee must be able to use basic to intermediate math, reading and writing skills.

Psychological Considerations

  • Employee must be able to work independently in day-to-day operations with general direction of the Executive Director.
  • Employee must be able to deal with multiple situations at the same time, while recognizing priorities of the department and the District.
  • Employee must display a high degree of emotional intelligence and excel in personal interactions with employees at all levels of the District, Board, Community and other private and public agencies.
  • Employee must have the ability to maintain self-control and composure in difficult situations.
  • Employee must have the ability to recognize priorities and meet deadlines.
  • Employee must have the ability to receive constructive criticism and/or supervision. 

This is not necessarily an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, skills, duties, requirements and effects of working conditions associated with the job.  While this is intended to be an accurate reflection of the current job, management reserves the right to revise the job when circumstances changes; i.e., emergencies, rush jobs, changes in personnel workload, technological development, etc.

Addison Park District


120 East Oak Street
AddisonIL  60101
United States

How to apply

Please send cover letter, resume and five professional references to:

Jennifer Hermonson

Executive Director

Addison Park District
Superintendent of Finance & HR
Addison, IL

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