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The Downstate Chapter represents IGFOA members outside of the Chicago metropolitan area and reflects the diversity of Illinois from Galena to Carbondale and Quincy to Danville. The Downstate Chapter is divided into four regions. The Chapter hosts regional professional development training and holiday events and a conference in late February. For more information on upcoming training and events sponsored by the Downstate Chapter click here.

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IGFOA Chapters Seeking 2023 Board Members
November 4, 2022 | Chapter news

Downstate Illinois Chapter Leadership

  1. Julie Kusturin Julie Kusturin, President Peoria County, Assistant Chief Financial Officer
  2. Sandy Evans Sandy Evans, Immediate Past President City of O'Fallon, Director of Finance
  3. Courtney R Kouzmanoff Courtney R Kouzmanoff, Vice President City of Champaign
  4. Tamara K Ammann Tamara K Ammann, Secretary Village of Caseyville, Treasurer/Comptroller
  5. Keli R Roth Keli R Roth, Treasurer City of Salem, Finance Director
  6. Curtis P Newport Curtis P Newport, Member at Large Boone County, Treasurer
  7. John Harrington John Harrington, Board Liaison Village of Minooka, Finance Director
  8. Stephen Adams Stephen Adams, Regional Coordinator PMA Financial Network, LLC, Director, Public Finance
  9. Janette Dilliner Janette Dilliner, Regional Coordinator City of Sesser, City Treasurer
  10. Lindsey Fish Lindsey Fish, Regional Coordinator Sikich LLP
  11. Steve Fitzsimmons Steve Fitzsimmons, Regional Coordinator City of Rock Island, Accountant
  12. Pam Howe Pam Howe, Regional Coordinator Executive Vice President
  13. Tracy Kennett Tracy Kennett, Regional Coordinator Village of Shiloh, Chief Financial Officer
  14. Dalena Welkomer Dalena Welkomer, Regional Coordinator BAIRD, Senior Vice President
  15. Jeanne Wojcieszak Jeanne Wojcieszak, Regional Coordinator City of Edwardsville, Collector
  16. Diane Gillian Lantz Diane Gillian Lantz, Staff - ED Illinois GFOA, Executive Director
  17. Beth Beaty Beth Beaty, Staff - SAM Illinois GFOA, Senior Association Manager

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Downstate Regions and Regional Coordinators

Regional Coordinators organize localized training and events in Downstate Regions (refer to map). Their role is to select a session topic, speaker and venue, as well as attend each event. Regional Coordinators also attend the monthly Downstate Chapter Board meetings held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 1:30 PM. If you are interested in volunteering as a Regional Coordinator or learning more about the Downstate Chapter, please reach out to a board member listed above or email  

Quad Cities Steve Fitzsimmons, City of Rock Island
Central  Dalena Welkomer, BAIRD; Pam Howe, Commerce Bank
Southern  Janette Dilliner, City of Sesser; Tracy Kennett, Village of Shiloh; Jeanne Wojcieszak, City of Edwardsville; Stephen Adams, PMA Financial Network, LLC
Rock River 

Curtis Newport, Boone County; Lindsey Fish, Sikich LLP