2019 Presentations

Sunday, September 8, 2019
Statutory Requirements and Ethical Considerations for Public Officials
Borrowing with Bonds: New SEC Rules and Related Practical Considerations
Using Ratios and Other Indicators to Assess Fiscal Well Being
Shared Services for Technology: Opportunities and Challenges to Maximizing Taxpayer Value
Understanding New Changes to the Minimum Wage Law and Other Wage-Related Statutes and Minimum Add'l Handouts
Investment Accounting and Reporting Meets Strategy
Defending Your Organization Against Cyber Thugs
General Session: Financial Leadership – Excellence Can Only Be Achieved By You!

Monday, September 9, 2019
GFOA Update
Keynote Address: The Fundamentals of Winning – “For Each Other”
New Developments and Credit Trends in the Illinois Municipal Bond Market
Fraud, Fraud, Everywhere: Stories from the Fraud Frontline!
It’s Not Just Math: How Water Rates Drive Policy and Shape your Community's Future
The Basics of Bonds for Park Districts and Non-Home Rule Communities
Accounting for TIFs
Blockchain: Preparing for Disruption
Factors Impacting the Rate Environment – Implications for Illinois Public Funds Investors
GASB Update - Part 1
On-line Payments: Self-Reported Taxes
GASB Update - Part 2
IDOR - The Local Tax Allocation Division and Your Local Government
Who Wants to be a Pension Expert?
Five Tools to Help Local Governments Bridge the Strategic Planning and Execution Gap

Tuesday, September 10, 2019
GATA - An Overview of Indirect Cost 
Leading by Example – Success Stories of Innovation, Growth and Engagement, and Ethical Fortitude
Safely Utilizing Credit in a Public Portfolio 
Demystify Finances for Your Elected Officials and Additional Handouts
The Importance of Fleet Management  and Additional Handouts


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